Black Ops 3 – Big Failure (xbox360)

Activison & Treyarch. What the heck is this!!! Is Black Ops 3 for xbox360 made by some amateur modders? It is the worst Call of Duty & general game experience I have ever had!

  1. Xbox freezes lots of time. A friend of mine took a picture of his screen when he actually turned the xbox360 console on after a crash and it looks like this:


2. In every 10 lobby you attend, it is a average that 1 actually will enter a game. The countdown to the match is not present. You can sit several hours just trying to enter a game. And when you successfully completed a match it is a bunch of errors that for sure can happen. Primary amateur script errors, that could be coded by kids. For me this looks like a       game that is coded by amateurs modders you signed. Absolutely horrible! The game itself is not that bad, but it is so         many bugs that it is comic and sad.

3. Lots of lag in the game. Worst ever.

Why did you even make the game for xbox360?

I am going over to Steam & pc for this game. Hope that is more serious.

Femme Fatale – Top 10 ( 2015 – Edition )

I will be starting my yearly countdown of the most brutal & sexy femme fatale in movies this weekend. Top 10 based on different sections.


The first will be revealed this weekend: Number 10.

This will be based on this post:

Lots of movies has been added since that time, so this will be fresh, hot & sexy like a femme fatale can be.

Stay tuned!

The naive law makers versus torrents

Today the torrent site kickass was removed from the internet. The domain kickass is taken offline. After the removal of Pirate Bay, they figured out to do it, since it became so popular. For me, I think it is funny how this turns out. It is illegal at least in my country to download torrents in the first place, but my oh my, how naive can people be. The new phenomena is to stream torrent. It is a shortcut a side from the law, and it is raising fast in popularity.

kickass_bilde (1)

Just google stream movies, and you get there…LOL

For those that want to stream legal, you have Netflix or other services that are 6 months or more behind shcedule.

I do not recommend anything, just making my case.

Reason 8 – Propellerhead

I have been a proud user of propellerhead`s Reason now for 3 years. My first version was Reason 6. 1 month ago I upgraded to Reason 8.1.

This is not a review or something. Just saying that the music software is excellent :-)

One thing I would like to mention. For some reason I have not ever used it for direct output ( Mastering ) . Simply did not think it was good enough, but I was mistaken. I produced a song from scratch now, and did all the process in Reason 8, with different rack extensions. But also used the integrated mclass mastering tools. Just the stereo imager from mclass is awesome. My workflow before this has been very time-consuming. I have recorded all in Reason, before then bouncing it out for mastering in a third-party software. Very difficult process, since the sound changes in the mastering process! When I do it like this, I have absolutely 100 percent control of the direct output sound, since the mastering chain are right after the mix bus in Reason 8.


I also now use Reason Re`s and the integrated SSL mixer, for each track. The sound is amazing.

Just sorry I did not understand this before now, that Reason actually is a complete music studio. All in one.

I guess it is because the internet is flowing around with reviews of Waves plugins, Izotope etc, and most people are using it. Of course it is good, but Reason does not stand back at all. I can say this now after using all of them within 3 years.

Also like the new drop and share Beta in Reason 8 :-)

Thanks for reading :-)

I just drop a link to propellerhead here in case you want to check them out yourself: