Angels – Piano Ballad

Piano Ballad performed by Jenny`s Vision Project.

Øivind Kristian Stavik: Music and Lyrics

This song is about that one day the angels will open it`s doors for us, and on the way to that gate, we are going on a path of gold.


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Music from Norway – Jenny`s Vision Project

Originally posted on World Music - the Music Journey:

About one year ago, Jenny`s Vision Project contacted us.  They are a pop ballad music project from Norway, started in 1991. But they went different paths and Øivind Kristian Stavik invested in a home studio in 2012. Today I found their old post and saw that they released many new songs. Listen to their nice piece “The Last Good Kiss”:

Listen to their nice song “The Greatest Faith with vocals” too!

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Ukraine – The Last Supper

“The Last Supper” Is a tradition from the time of Jesus, which is continued by power-hungry men. Hitler hosted the Olympics in 1936, and then went mad. Putin did it in 2014, and are now doing the same. Olympics has become a fashionable way to carry “The Last Supper”. Inviting all heads of state to play, fun and great food, then out on the warpath. Psychopaths do this. Now it is said to Putin’s defense that he believes the West and the United States did rally the rebellion in Ukraine and possible he’s right. CIA may well have sent agents across to infiltrate and Rally up. For my part I do not think this will be a war. But that Russia takes over Crimea, yes. Any  consequences, no. The question is whether Russia is satisfied with the Crimea.

“The Last Supper” episode 3 is going on. More dangerous than ever.


Gule`s Victory Feat. Jeff Fiorentino Guitars

Øivind Kristian Stavik – Producer/Keyboards
Jeff Fiorentino – Guitars -
Kai Peter Schellhase – Bass ( )

Buy it here :

Rock music featuring the excellent guitarist Jeff Fiorentino.

What is Gule`s Sequel:

Mister Gule is a big fan. He has tumor, and got bad news right before christmas 2013. He is open about it, so we can speak about it. Then I decided to gather some great musicians, and make this song. It is our tribute to this great man. We do everything in our power to keep him up and strong, with music and passion.

The message from the doctors are some days positive and some days negative.

The Norwegian Health system does not work as it should be, and it hurts the patients!

We will continue to make songs in this sequel.

Gule`s Battle – Rock Music

Øivind Kristian Stavik – Producer/Keyboards
Jeff Fiorentino – Guitars -
Kai Peter Schellhase – Bass

Buy it here :

Rock tune featuring the excellent guitarist Jeff Fiorentino. Modern rock with analog synth`s :-) .

The Look – New Music

Jenny`s Vision Projects proudly presents: “The Look”

Download it here:

Øivind Kristian Stavik – Producer/Keyboards/Music/Lyrics

Kai Peter Schellhase – Bass

Super time in the studio recording this song :-)

Ode To Lilyhammer – Soundtrack

This is our Ode to Lilyhammer – The Tv Serie
We have watched it and recorded a soundtrack that sums it all up, and how we think the music should be. So Van Zandt and Little Steven, listen to this and use it on season 3.

Øivind Kristian Stavik – Producer/Keyboards/Music

Kai Peter Schellhase – Bass